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Frequently asked questions

  1. Q

    How do I pay for the service?


    You can subscribe using auto pay or choose to pay as you go. Choosing pay as you go with PayPal or Cash App will require you to submit payment each month prior to your expiration date to continue service.
  2. Q

    Do you offer a free trial?


    Yes! You can sign up for our 24 hour free trial to try out the packages.
  3. Q

    What are the features of the service?


    We offer two packages from which you can choose or you can have the both in our dual package.
  4. Q

    Do you offer Video on Demand (VOD)?


    Yes! We offer click and play VOD as an add on service. We also offer access to Cinema HD within our app for On Demand content.
  5. Q

    How reliable is the service?


    We cannot guarantee that every channel will be available 100% of the time. At times a channel may be temporarily unavailable, but usually returns quickly. Periodically, the servers are updated and the service may be down for about 15 to 20 minutes. We strive for minimal service interruption.
  6. Q

    How do I cancel if I no longer want the service?


    If you are on auto pay, log into your PayPal account and cancel your subscription. If you are on pay as you go, simply stop making payment once the account expires.
  7. Q

    How do I get the service if I already have my own streaming device?


    Download the Filelinked app and enter 58781592. Visit our video support page and watch the video for how to set up your firestick if you need further assistance.
  8. Q

    How can I get a streaming device if I do not have one?


    We offer streaming devices that are pre-loaded with the files for you to download the service as well as other apps to give you the total viewing experience. Visit our devices page for cost.
  9. Q

    Can I use the service outside of my home?


    Yes! You can take your devices anywhere to watch the service as long as you have internet access. There is no ISP lock.
  10. Q

    Do you have a Referral Program?


    Yes! Refer 10 people to subscribe to our service and you will receive 50% off your service. Just have them enter your name in the referral box when they create their username.
  11. Q

    Should I use a VPN service?


    Yes! We recommend using a VPN service because it will encrypt your connection to the Internet and create an anonymous connection through a private IP address, which will hide your identity and activity. Visit our VPN page to choose from one of our partners.
  12. Q

    Do you offer internet service?


    Yes! Depending where you live, we can get you set up for internet service with one of our internet provider partners. Visit our internet page for more details.
  13. Q

    Do you have local channels?


    We have local channels for many cities. If you want your local channels specifically for your local news, watch the local channels video on our video support page. An additional option would be to purchase a digital antenna. We recommend getting one with at least a 50 mile radius to ensure quality reception.
  14. Q

    What are the terms of use?


    Your account allows you to stream on up to five devices simultaneously based on your subscription. The BTO Reloaded app can be downloaded on as many devices as you like, but you can only stream the max amount of your connections on devices at the same time. Attempts to stream on more than subscription connection on devices will cause your account to shut down. For an additional cost, additional streams can be added to your account. To cancel your subscription, go to your PayPal account to end automatic withdrawal.
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